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 · Penalties For Dating or Romance Scams in Nigeria. Engaging in an online romance scam might result in criminal charges being brought against you in court. This is  · According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations Internet Crimes Complaint Center Nigerian scammers aren’t only posing on internet dating sites waiting for the obvious  · Penalties For Dating or Romance Scams in Nigeria. Engaging in an online romance scam might result in criminal charges being brought against you in court. This is especially  · The online love scam reviewed by Agari was largely based in Nigeria, the report concluded. And while many unsuspecting American have likely received emails from AdReady For Something Real? You'll Be Surprised Who You'll Find On eharmony. Over 2 Million People Have Found Love On eharmony ... read more

Specifically, scammers posted fake profiles on dating sites and waited for victims to send them an email, which allowed scammers to then engage in dialogue to test their targets' gullibility and willingness to send money, the Agari report said. One way the scammers would allegedly persuade victims to send money with the Laura Cahill persona was to convince them that "Laura" wanted to travel from Paris to visit the victim, but her credit card was frozen.

So, the scammers would tell victims, "Laura" needed help paying for an airline ticket -- and that sending a money order could resolve the issue. If the victim expressed hesitation, there was even a "travel agent" willing to reassure the victim that the funds were, in fact, going to pay for travel, which was sent from a different email and made to look like a legitimate invoice. After almost a year of sending money, the man was convinced that they were meant for each other despite "Laura" offering excuse after excuse for not meeting up, according to Agari.

The relationship abruptly ended when "Laura" stopped responding to messages from the man, who was not named in the report. Guns in America. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Tech firm warns of online dating scams, Nigerian connection A new report says thousands of American men and women fall victim.

By Luke Barr. MORE: Watch out for 'online romance scams,' BBB warns. Never give money to an internet love interest through wire transfer, gift card, or cash reload card.

You're not going to get it back. Report any money you've previously sent. If you suspect you've sent money to a scammer, contact your bank straight away. Penalties For Dating or Romance Scams in Nigeria Engaging in an online romance scam might result in criminal charges being brought against you in court. Do I Need a Lawyer If I am a Victim of a Romance Scam in Nigeria?

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Details are hard to come by due to him knowing only one thing, how to throw love at a woman. When … davidmile gmail. com and davidpatrick gmail. com I had a 6-month relationship with a David Miles, who claimed to: work on an offshore oil rig, be a widower and a single dad of two children Tessa and … Oil Rig Dating Scam - Marcus M Markou The previously submitted story for Marcus M Markou was written based on incorrect information as I have learned first hand since this was originally posted.

Was living in Washington State but had to fly to Cyprus for investors or some such garbage. His laptop was stolen so he … Dating Scams Review - Danut Timoftica Albert Danut, Danut Timoftica, Albert Timothy, Danut Timothy are all names used. Claims he was born in Romania father was Romania , raised in Spain … Danut Albert Timothy Scam Aliases used: Albert Timothy, Danut Albert, Albert Dennis, Albert Danut, Danut, Danut Timothy, Albert Timoftica, D. Abatha Tim, George Alberto, Tomas Lawrence … Serge Micheal from WWF Hello.

The name he used in June was Serge Michael. That changes as do the images he sends, he is a professional Nigerian scammer who is well educated … Harrison Devea on Words With Friends ExxonMobile Oil Rig Contractor Gulf of Mexico I met one Harrison Davea on words with friends who claims to work on contract on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico for ExxonMobile.

Soon he is asking … General Jeffrey Deweese on WWF. That is his username on the game. It all begins on the game and he approaches you. He approaches you while playing and starts to ask the usual questions a … Dr. I did a reverse image on Yandex. All contacted me on WWF Oil rig romance scammer Guy got in touch with me through Facebook, and I stupidly accepted his friendship, and after 3 weeks, many chats, he asked me to change to the hangout … Is he the scammer?

Did you see him somewhere? I met him on the professional platform. He sent me the connect request and I accepted. After some days chatting, he requested to move out to whatsapp for … Nigerian Dating Scam Review I'm being played I'm afraid anyone know this guy?

We have been talking for 3 months. He lives in NY, divorced with one daughter who lives with her mom … Scammer from many platfroms okcupic, facebook, ilikeyou He approved me on a dating website. The rig only operates with EBay very … Sweet scammer from US on okcupid He connect to me and spent 3 months to build the relationship with me. Shared many photos with his relatives as he said, and said to meet me in person, … Richard cragg-oil rig scam Linked In SCAM.

Richard Cragg, contacts using the LinkedIn account. Says he is a retiring engineer. Sends loves letters after 3 days, poems, and so on. Payed no attention. Then 2 days ago he came back ranting how I just left him hanging. I responded and … POF scammer Google his pics! POF scammer com and now hunting at POF Plenty of Fish POF scammer Sebastian, Moreno Raffy, Mason Walter, Jerry Mark Milley, Michael Harster. Uses alias names like Joe Cross, Larry Joe, Luca G, Berra Tounse, Alex Nicolas, George Mark Dawn, Frank Thomson POF scammer Looks reliable but as you know, its useful to google pics.

POF DATING SITE Widower of course, wife died of cervical cancer. Goes by several names. Easy to find if you google his pics. He just changed it and now calls himself David Kumar Matt Lorenzo Beckerly!!!! Texted on Instagram. STEAM cards is his vice. Send tons and tons of STEAM cards a gift card Gamers use. Silky smooth … I am so done with these guys DON'T EVER EVER EVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU NEVER MET.

They have zero conscience and will rob you blind. Ask them lots of questions and notice … Suspicious of someone I met on Plenty Of Fish Has anyone had any contact with this man. We met on plenty of fish. A few days later he asked me if I would take my profile down. Before I did that I checked … WWF SCAMMERS Ladies be careful out there. What starts off as an innocent game of scrabble can end up costing you both your money and your heart!!!!

and then retire. He said he lost his wife … Anthony James , Tony James, Tony Wilson, Robert Benderk Has used so many names, Aiden Wilson one of many. He is a sweet talker and very easy to believe. BUT DON'T! HE WILL ROB YOU! Sterling Bruce Claims his parents, wife and daughter are deceased. Claims to have 2 grandchildren who are in boarding school whilst he works on oil rigs in australia … Romance Scams Ladies be very careful as I've come across a man who speaks with so much charm, as beautiful as poetry.

He is a scammer and he has many names but is a … POF Romance Scammer :aka Many names! starting with who I was told : Scott Max Aleta the other names I have found. Scott Max Aleta, Leonard Vernaci, Dr. Murray Albertson, Shawn David, Renato Clark, Grant Oliver, Anthony Back Backer, Bobby Hamblin, Meski Oskar, Marius … Called himself Tom Alexander Zachary Started Scamming me 3 and half months ago.

Said his name was Tom Alexander Zachary From Canada. Widowed with one daughter Melliss Started Quite Convincing … Turkey work scammer Started chatting about 6 months ago on Meet up with Australian guy working in California. He got a contract for a company in Turkey. While in Turkey ended … Know this man? Anyone know of a David Lude? Claims to be an oil rig worker.

Has sent my sister a photo of him and another of him and two teenagers. One is supposedly … Click here to write your own. Goes by the name Williams Jasson. Says he's from Sweden, working in Turkey Northern Cyprus. Says he has a daughter … Photos of WWF Scammers from Here are some pics of Scammers from WWF POF scam goes by Scott Dickson from Sherman oaks Beware: claims he's in Africa.

Emirates does not fly to where he says he went directly. Is very good at charming you. Says he's loves you immediately.

Frank James, Mark Wells, Robert Baroud, and Wesley North. Reverse image told a different … Woman I just recently got taken by a man on a rig. Now a Dr text me saying he needs money for him as he is in the hospital losing his life. And he needs 1, … Nigerian Dating Scams A D T - Albert Dennis Timothy - Claims to be an engineer - originally from Texas and grew-up in Johannesburg and the UK with his mom. Dad supposedly passed … Dating Scammer Donald James On WWF, a lying dating scammer.

Says he is from Texas, with a son. A real romancer, who tries to finagle money from you. Has a stolen photo of Ingo Karsch. Handsome photo. Saying how lonely he was and how gorgeous I was. Asked me many questions, then begged me to download … Oil rig scammer named Gabriel Antonio Chicago.. now other names Brutus Jordan 54 years old, almost bald, chin beard, handsome, 1, 78 m tall, loves you because you gave your love regardless? I Was very hesitant to accept the friend request knowing scammers are out … Williams Ronald Oil Rig Scam Watch out!!!

My story is very similar to many others here. Started speaking with this man in late June of this year. He contacted me via Instagram and got very personal. Trip to Cypress oil rig next day. Requested a photo. Took his online account down. Supposedly working on oil rig platform to repair refinery … Nigerian dating scam review Anyone ever hear of Dr. John Maxwell from Newport Oregon? Physician claims to work with Doctors Without Borders. Is Spanish. Young son. Wife killed in … Oil Rig Dating Scam As savvy as I thought I was about these scams, I am being duped by someone claiming to be Marcus M Markou, originally from Lucerne, Switzerland, now living … Jordan Christopher Smooth talker.

Preys on elderly women like myself. I ignored all the red flags and sent him money and Iphone. Luckily that is all I am out. He said he … Philip Benjamin Civil Engineer Philip Benjamin.

Our Time dating site and Coffer meets Bagel. Vice President of Goeoil. Then … Michael Abrahamson Anyone know this man. CEO of Movit oil and rig solutions. He is a scammer Scammer Charles Hudgens. Dead wife Claudia, two grown up children, Paul and Kim living in Vietnam with husband and son. Will buy a house in Los Angeles. So the story goes Davidson is a widower. His wife died five years ago. He owns an offshore … Pics of my victim Goes by several names, Klaus Scott, Steven Ewald, Daniel Mccann, Bruno, etc.

Born in Paris, divorced, 14 yr old daughter. Lives in Orlando. Wants money … Worried about my mom She has been talking to a guy who goes by Louis Van and says he's from Omaha Nebraska and works in Alaska as an engineer for an Oil rig.

I know it sounds … Leonard Nelson - this guy is smooth Started chatting with Leonard Nelson, leonardnelson gmail. com on words with friends. Was just general discussion, I stated I do not provide personal … Have you come across this man? Robert Perez Guffey, age 55, has Spanish accent, wants money for helicopter ride off the oil rig and plane ticket home to me.

He wants us to get married. Tells me he lived … Click here to write your own. Possible Scammer If any ladies know of a man who calls himself, Robert Perez Guffey, please let me know.

He is so handsome and romantic. Claims his mother is in Spain … Oil Rig Engineer Scammer I doubt these are the pictures of Jake Emrick. His voice never appeared to match with his pictures. He was very good at what he did in trying to convince … Alex Bauer, scammer from MeetMindful He contacted me on MeetMindful and immediately asked to communicate by text.

He claimed to be a UN neurosurgeon stationed in Kabul for 9 months. He said … Salmon Talbot FAKE UN Doctor Recently I was chatting with an alleged Orthopedic Surgeon on Google Hangouts. He said he was a Doctor with the UN stationed in Turkey. He said he was … Not scammed I have had a couple over the last month.

The latest is a mystery. I've checked the reverse photo sites and found no matches. Just curious to know if anyone … Kyle Baxter, US Army, Arkansas Scammer on Instagram as johnphil88, impersonating Kyle Baxter in the Army, living in Arkansas. I drop every picture in a reverse image lookup. Yandex … Randy Walter Petroleum Engineer They sent me a message on Instagram and I was instantly suspicious. Very handsome, very smooth. A weird profile - all random women, no family or friends … Jerry Coulter Scam?

follow-up He is definitely a scammer. His email is Jerrycoulter gmail. She didn't send anything. But over this course of time he has been making my mom pick up money from … Richard James Miner Has only heard of a Richard James Miner US Marine Jerry Coulter Scam? This guy contacted my wife through Pinterest and then had her switch to Hangouts. Has anyone else had any experience with him and his crap lines.

He is … Elvis emirhan He chatted up my mother through instagram. This guy is claiming to be a surgeon in the US, Turkish. Please if anyone knows the real person in the picture. scottparker gmail. com phone Needs to be stopped! Paul - Orthopedic Surgeon from the UN Paul is a widow with a son in Canada. He first said he worked for the UN army as a surgeon but later insisted he said he works for the UN.

He will be retiring … Mark Andrews Mark Andrews is a businessman from Los Angeles. I met him on Zoosk. A widow with a daughter in Florida. Immediately wanted me to talk to him through Whatsap.

He said he is a lonely soldier in Yemen and he asked me for money to return to London because he doesn't want to … Nigerian dating scam This is Anthony Lucky Nigerian dating scam Hi has anyone been in contact with a self confessed fake profile guy called Anthony Lucky.

He used a fake profile on Instagram … DR. Somehow his messages weren't coming through that I could view them, so I gave him a cell Google voice of course, … georgedillenstones. com scam Found George Dillen on a dating app. Goes to South Africa for business. Then tells you he got robbed and asks for money. Looks legit. Shows many pictures. Crying I have flight home. I need iTunes to call airport.

How far you from Airport I'm far away. Gotta call Or I'll lose all money … Jeffery Harris is now Robert Harris, oil rig scammer This person is not a retired army sergeant from Ohio, drilling engineer for Chevron, nor a widower. He is a scammer from Nigeria. He will romance you, … Independent Contractor, Oil Rig Engineer for Chevron This guy contacted me from meetups.

The picture he uses as his profile shows him lying on the carpet with two light colored yorkshire terriers. He is 54 … Almost Scammed by Zafari Fuller - Petroleum Engineer, Lebanese Refugee, Widower Ladies, beware of this man who introduced himself as Zafari Fuller on Instagram IG. COM … Click here to write your own. Oil Rig Engineer born in Germany Paul was on OurTime - he liked my photo and we started talking. He said he works on an Oil Rig in the Gulf owned by Nabors Drilling.

Has 1 daughter … UPDATE CORRUPT OIL RIG SCAMMERS Everyone please be careful. Mine well it seems to be Organized crime looking thru texts. Well this guy was in an accident and his dr.

says he is unconscious. Same pictures but different name. Also I have found the … Mariano Torti. Jewelry broker Approached me on dating site called Older dating. Straight away smooth. WhatsApp messenger. Pictures of him but not selfies. Email every day. He is A PAXFUL trader. It how they use itunes to make money. He is a Liar and CRIER. TALKED FOR ABOUT A WEEK AND THEN HE TOLD ME HE LOVED ME.

I KEPT TELLING HIM I WAS MARRIED. But within the past 14 days I have received over 12 men fake wanting to get to know me. I have been very … Organized Crime Oil Rig Romancing July will be 2 yrs. Mainly im wanting to see if he ever gets home. No more money, nor itunes to cash in. I never heard of all this.

They arent worth … Several names Andrew Walker. Steven Martin.. Walter clark Meet on words with Friends and so many alias and sites who wants to chat on hangouts. Asked for iTunes and gift card, was a widower with daughter 15 in … Oil Rig Romance Scam. I have been in a relationship with an oil rig engineer?

for the past three years. What do you seek here" when on a dating site. Oil rig doctor for shell oil. Doctor at lambert mental institution London.

I have photos and videos of this gentleman. We have been talking for several months. He started out asking for Itunes cards then he … MARKUS RITER Markus Riter is on the dating site, Plenty of Fish. He wants everyone to believe he's working for the government military AT HIS AGE? Please ladies beware of Fred fabregas fabio:- In the time I was chatting with him he told me his son kenny lived with his mother in Spain.

Fabregas was … Oil Engineer scammer detected His used name is Christopher Luke Ryan. Be careful, he has a LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, and will add you on WhatsApp and has even a website for … Patrick Hoffman, oil rig engineer cum contractor Well, yet another fake profile on OKCupid named Patrick Hoffman aged 53, stays in Chamblee, Atlanta.

Also with Exxon but is doing his own contracting job. Claimed he is Swedish and moved to the US some 20 years ago. A widower with twin … Henry Lai, rig engineer He introduced himself as Henry Lai, and his mother was from Scotland and his father is from Hong Kong. His English grammar is not good. A sweet talker … Click here to write your own. Chris Johnson Scam Been communicating with him on and off for several months. Name is Chris Johnson who says he sold solar panel units.

Had a three million dollar contract … Levine Shaffer Is Guilty Hello Ladies, My name is Sandy Bare. I just wanted to let you ladies know that Levine Shaffer is most definitely a Nigerian Romance Scammer. He is also … Watch who you are trying to connect with Ive had an profile on POF for quite sometime.

I Pm'd a female who looked like she was 30 or older. I gave her my number for her to call me. I then get … Levine Shaffer Is Innocent Hello, My name is Sandy Bare, and I have something to say. I do not appreciate whoever John Doe is who has been posting rude comments about my fiance Levine … Marine Engineer, Christian Duong I got to know this guy through OKC, introduced himself as Christian Duong, an Aussie residing in Houston.

Widower with a 13 years old daughter. Just less … ADAM PALUMBO Beware ladies as this one's name is ADAM PALUMBO so he says. Met him on Coffee Meets Bagel.

He was quick to be Mr. Awesome Poet … Nigerian Romance Scam Hello Everyone, I am a private investigator who is posting the story of Sandy Bare for her protection. She is unaware that im doing this. Her story is … Nigerian Romance Scam I met a Nigerian Romance Scamner who goes by the name of Levine Shaffer. He claims to be in Lagos Nigeria and works as a Protective Agent for the CIA, … Nigerian Romance Scam Ladies, Here is his cellphone number Its a CA number. He claims to be in Lagos Nigeria and speaks with a foreign accent.

He may also be … Nigerian Romance Scam Hello, Ladies please beware of Nigerian fake romance and itunes card fraud scammer "Levine Shaffer". He may also be going by the name of "Jim Kennedy Blackwell" … Frank Alexander whose real name is JOSE RICCI OLIVERiA Coffee meets Bagel!!!!

Good looking guy full of crap. Scamming a 63 year old woman. He's in Africa on an engineering job. Retiring this month. Some woman by the name of Marguerite Owens sent me a message informing me that her brother … Oil and Gas specialist This guy claimed to be a rich specialist in the Oil and Gas business.

Wrote me every day and sent beautiful poems. Wanted to visit me but was suddenly … Oil Rig Scammer Watch out for Michael Howard. Contacts women on Facebook. Smooth talker and falls in love in days.

He claims to be a widower and has a daughter Lisa that … Oil rig in Turkey Beware of this man called Melvin Darlington. A scammer who will sweet talk you for a long time, and suddenly ask for Money to send to his agent in Germany. I was contacted by a Charles Murphy, talked to him, he asked me to send an Itunes card and to send him a brand new Iphone to someone who would forward … Mingle 2 Nigerian scam After 8 months of falling for someone I thought was a US military sergeant I finally caught on to this scammer.

He said he is in construction, stuck in London … Nigerian Dating Scams Review - Espen Christopher Stevens Be aware of this Tinder scammer. He is smart, polite, gentle and well spoken. We chatted and talked on the phone for hours every day and I fell for him. Claimed to have seen my fb picture … Loser If you have been contacted by Jefferson Baxter ikon Instagram he is a fraud. The profile pictures were stolen from a innocent man in Texas.

Jefferson … DR LEO PAZINI Here's a new one for you. He calls himself Dr. Leo Pazini. Born in Italy and Went to school in London, SWEARS he lives in Huntington Beach. Worked in … Click here to write your own. Rodney Albert on Linked in Scammer alert!!! This is our convo below. Just as the intro on this page says so many alarm bells. However this is a professional platform and I chose to remain that way … Dickson Morris words with friends scam Hi, my name is Savannah.

My scammers name is Dickson Morris. I met him on words with friends. He was a smooth talker for sure. His eyes were the real attraction … British American soldier Wondering if anyone had come across a Brian Scott?

Or heard a similar story? I met "Brian Scott" on Hinge in October Does anybody know of him from other Scam sites?? I can't believe I fell for this idiots BS.

Has a 8year daughter at school in Malaysia. Wife has passed away. Wants to marry me and come to my country. Needs … David Delone British Voice Scammer! He goes by the name David Delone. Claims to be a contract Architect, has British accent, lives in Beverly Hills CA. Speaking on … Underwater Welding He said he was on the BP Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico, but I found out he was not there, and on one in Norway but left early from both being on the one … Robert Allen Baker - Plenty of Fish He says: Infantry in US ARMY for 17 years.

Never states an MOS - Just weapons specialist who works underground with limited phone access. Says he's from … Allison Franklin My partner got contacted on Facebook from a man called Allison Franklin with the following description of the "case".

Allison Franklin is working as … Martin West US Army special mission agent in Syria, but claims to be from North Carolina. He has asked me for money for his mother-less twin boys to help with their schooling. Their mother died from breast cancer. Twins are supposedly living … Scammer. Claims to be Norwegian living in the UK Typical Scammer. Claims to be Norwegian, living in the UK. Wife died with Cancer, one grown up daughter named Peggy!

His name is Daniel Moore and he claims he is a civil engineer and stuck in Dubai doing a , dollar job. He sent … John Windsoul civil engineer new scammer My cousin met John Windsoul, a Civil Engineer living in Vancouver, but leaving to work building a bridge in Nigeria. She met him on Plenty of Fish.

He … Oil Rig Scammer- Mark Robert I am writing as a mother whose daughter has been scammed out of thousands of dollars, while believing this predator "loved her". I am thankful that she … I think I have one again an oil rig possible scammer john jose carter I swear do they have a list or something as I got rid of 2 but now again this picture looks familiar but I am not sure how to do the reverse imaging so … Feeling Foolish Mine is called William Morgan, says he found me on facebook but I dont have a photo and very little info.

Photo he sent was georgeous, and like so many … Charles Gould, and William Morrison is a scammer, Oil-Rig Engineer I met this man on POF dating site, broke my heart and took my money.

Ladies this man is a scammer. Don't believe anything he tells you. He also contacted … David Whitney, Underwater Welder My mom is currently involved in one of these, except the name of her thief is David Whitney. Sent pics of myself and when I told him I wouldn't send money or give him my login and password to my cell phone account … Kim Johnson is a Nigeria scammer name I recently met this person by the name of Kim Johnson supposedly an Asian that works for unicef who claims she's a nurse.

I live in The Netherlands, he told me he lives in Rotterdam. His English was very good, and he … Greg Granero - Oil Rig Scam Someone claiming to be Greg Granero contacted my on Match. Within a couple days he asked to move to personal email and phone. Then when I suggested … Tinder now LinkedIn fishing I met this one on tinder and called himself Michael Anderson, Anderson Gray and Odallo Momano.

He is claiming on LinkedIn that he is a bit coin harvester. CHRIS ADLAN GEORGE Watch for CHRIS ADLAN GEORGE!! Off Shore Drilling Supervisor Santa Barbara California - has a bogus Linkedin account and a bogus "private" Instagram.

I laughed to myself as who talks like that who works for … Nigerian Scams: Wallace Allen or Henry US ARMY We matched on UK Tinder. He was born in Nashville, moved to Ohio when he lost his parents in a car accident when he was 7. He finished school in Ohio, … Beware of Jeffery Harris This scammer claimed to be a widower, retired army sergeant and drilling engineer for chevron.

He had photos and videos to back up his story, and sent … Kelvin Antonio Smith Ladies, do you know this man???? He is the biggest liar and scammer that's out here. I met this man on Black Planet in February of this year and it is … Ethan Tommie "Banks" I found him again!

He's using a different user name: ethan2luv but his profile is exactly the same as the original user name: Ethan2cute. He had 4 pictures … Liam-Works at CITI Financial Shark CFB I knew from the beginning something was off. He had a goldigger girlfriend, parents died, work a lot, flies to work from NYC to SF 3 days a week???? Has … Oil Rig Scam Michael Miles Hi All, Name: Michael Miles, Age: 52 profile originally said Height: 5' Occupation: Engineer. Works: Oil Rigs, currently off coast of Canada.

He is from Sweden, but came to America when he was 11 with his mother because his father passed away. His mother … Oil Rig Engineer scam Beware ladies if an extremely handsome man, with a great smile, gorgeous brown eyes wants to be your friend. He is a smooth talker, will tell you he loves … Older woman Antonio Gianni now has the Antonio Figureoa Doctor scam My friend is all over FB in search for a nice man to date.

She was friended on FB by a Dr Eric Griffins. She believes he is real but im here to prove he … Look familiar? Been chatting with a guy who claims he's a petroleum engineer. Widower, with a 12yo son living with his mom. Exchanged a couple of pics. Tells me he fell … Scott Johnson Doctor with the UN in Syria A man claiming to be in Syria that is a doctor.

He states that his 3 month contract is almost up and he has tons of money. He even sent me a picture of … Emanuel montes- Tinder This is the biography of Emanuel Montes, found on Tinder. Says he is into cryptocurrency, bit coin.

Online dating may be a perfect place to search for your ideal match, but online dating also has its dark side. Scammers often take advantage of individuals searching for romantic partners, especially on online dating sites, by pretending to be a potential partner. These scammers will try to get you to give them cash, gifts, or any other personal information by playing on your emotions.

Dating and romance scams often happen through online dating websites by catfishing users. What happens is that scammers commonly make fake online profiles intended to attract you. They may utilize a false name or erroneously assume the characters of genuine, confided individuals like military staff, help laborers or professionals working abroad.

Dating scammers will communicate compelling feelings for you in a generally brief timeframe. They will recommend moving the relationship away from the online dating site to a more private platform like phone, email, instant message, or texting. While most people on dating sites like TrulyAfrican are genuine singles looking for love, there are bad apples in every bunch.

Online dating scammers will put forth an admirable attempt to acquire your commitment and trust by giving you adoring words, sharing personal information about themselves, and in some events, even sending you gifts. They may require a very long time to build what may feel like a genuinely incredible romance and may even profess to book trips to meet and hang out with you; however, they never really come. Whenever they have acquired your trust and your guards are down, they will ask you either subtly or straightforwardly for cash, endowments, or your banking information.

It is not merely the cash that hurts in these sorts of schemes. Usually, the victim has built an emotional connection with these scammers, trusting them to be sincere and a promising significant other. That makes it even more excruciating when the mat is pulled free from under them, and the scammers run away with their income or investment funds.

A large number of these schemes to deceive vulnerable individuals searching for love come from Nigeria. There is a clamoring underground economy of scammers who set up profiles on online dating sites and sweet talk clueless individuals out of their investment funds.

Sometimes, these scammers quite often guarantee that they intend to find true love and build a relationship, and even telling their victims that meeting with them was destiny.

These scammers usually endeavor to find middle-aged, single, or widowed women who are in vulnerable situations. When carrying out these Nigerian dating scams, the scammers tell a rather expound story to attract potential victims. They make fake profiles with pictures of appealing individuals, mostly taken from other online profiles. They will mostly tell you that they are from the same location where their victims are from; however, the scammer will include that they are working or studying abroad, in military service, or for quite a few different reasons.

As a new user of online dating platforms, you should always be careful about who you are talking to. Some may be genuinely interested in you, but others may be a part of these Nigerian dating scams.

To protect yourself from these scammers, always be aware and vigilant. After only a couple of messages, your new match claims strong affection for you and requests a secret visit with you.

If someone is truly genuine with you, they will take the time to get to know you better, even if it would take months. They attempt to request that you continue communicating through chat or email. This usually indicates that a scammer wants to move the conversation elsewhere where the dating site cannot review their messages and requests for money.

Someone serious about getting to know you will not mind talking with you on the same site where you first met. Their profile on the online dating site or their personal social media page is not consistent with what they tell you.

For instance, their profile picture appears to be different from their depiction of themselves, or they tell you that they are working but always subtly asking for money. Keep an eye out for any strange details they tell you about themselves. After they get you to trust them, they will tell you about their personal story and will then subtly ask for money, gifts, or your bank information.

Someone genuine to be your life partner will not ask money for you; they will work hard to earn their income to build a successful relationship with you. Their messages are often ineffectively composed, obscure, and escalate hastily from introduction to love. One does not fall in love with you right away after a couple of messages.

It will take time for you to build a connection with them and fall in love. If you do send some money, they will keep on requesting that you send more. They will tell you that they need a credit to pay for their travel to get back home, to purchase a mobile phone or tablet so they can stay in contact, cover a significant hospital expense, or whatever else that may play upon your empathy.

If you are a new user, there is nothing else you can do to avoid or prevent these scammers from getting in touch with you. What you can do is to be vigilant and to protect yourself from these Nigerian dating scams. Here are a few tips to help you when you encounter one of these online dating scammers.

Always keep in mind and consider the probability that the person you are talking to might be part of a ring of Nigerian dating scams, especially if the warning signs we previously discussed are present. Scammers are known to extort their victims using compromising images for monetary gain. Be careful about solicitations for cash.

There is a slim chance to get back the cash that was sent from these forms of payment. Never share your other social media profiles with people on dating sites unless you already trust them completely. Social media platforms have a lot of your personal information. That means they can gather this information and use it to blackmail you.

Be exceptionally cautious about how much personal data you share on social media platforms. Scammers can utilize your data and photos to make a false identity, blackmail, or target you with Nigerian dating scams. Stick to the online dating platform. Unless you have a real reason to trust them, never take your conversation to another platform such as social media.

The dating site you use has security measures set up to delete accounts found violating their terms of service. If you think you have been scammed, there are a few things to do. Report it to the site, application, or social media platform where the scammer initially got in touch with you. If you think you have given your bank account information to a scammer, get in touch with your bank ASAP. Online dating should be fun, but always be vigilant! TrulyAfrican is here to make things safer and more convenient for you, so start looking for your match today!

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Nigerian Romance Scams: LEAKED Playbook from the Scammers Themselves,What Other Visitors Have Said

 · According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations Internet Crimes Complaint Center Nigerian scammers aren’t only posing on internet dating sites waiting for the obvious  · Penalties For Dating or Romance Scams in Nigeria. Engaging in an online romance scam might result in criminal charges being brought against you in court. This is especially  · The online love scam reviewed by Agari was largely based in Nigeria, the report concluded. And while many unsuspecting American have likely received emails from AdReady For Something Real? You'll Be Surprised Who You'll Find On eharmony. Over 2 Million People Have Found Love On eharmony AdForeign Love On Dream Singles Ready To Chat. Browse Now. Click Now To Sign Up For Free. Wonderful, Kind, International Singles Looking For A Relationship. Sign Up For FreeAmenities: European Singles · Top International Dating · Top Niche Dating Site  · Penalties For Dating or Romance Scams in Nigeria. Engaging in an online romance scam might result in criminal charges being brought against you in court. This is ... read more

Hes patient and does his research. They also use many aliases, emails, photos, gender, age and sexual orientation in order to cast their net to catch as many victims as possible. Anyway I keep receiving requests on fb and this is the last … James Stefano Claims he is from Italy and lives in San Diego Ca, but had to go to Malaysia to clear up his father's business deal after his death. You may become a victim when you least expect it and leave you mildly annoyed, or heartbroken and in financial ruin. Told me he was an orthopedic surgeon … David Minc aka David Meachel ExxonMobil Oil Rig Contractor Hello This is part 2 of the David Meachel oil rig romance scam.

Just texting with this Christopher Clark since February 19th. Usually, people who are dating and falling in love long distance want to video chat all the time. Romance scams are the most often reported type of scam. Other times, they send messages to as many people as possible and see who takes the bait. You should be able to avoid online dating scams and maintain greater general online safety once you know how to recognize if someone is scamming you online. Sep 16, online nigerian dating scams, PM.